Student Support System

Presentation School Wexford offers every member of the school community a caring environment in which to grow and be affirmed. Every pupil and member of staff have a duty of care to ensure that such an environment exists and is nurtured. This is the essence of a caring school community and is sustained by the Pastoral Care System, to include Year Heads Class Tutors and the Student Sup-port Team.
Presentation Secondary School Wexford inspired by the core values of CEIST, aims with the resources available, aims to provide the best possible environment in which to facilitate the cultural, educational, moral, physical, religious, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions of all students. We show special concern for the disadvantaged and we make every effort to ensure that the uniqueness and dignity of each person is respected, and responded to, especially through the pastoral care system in the school. We realise too, that we must cater for the changing needs of today’s world and towards that end, we frequently review our various programmes. Being keenly aware of the ever-increasing effect of outside influences on the lives of our students, we are even more concerned to maintain Christian values and practices.
Working together as a school community, the Board of Management, parents, staff and students aim to provide an environment that will allow each student to develop intellectually, physically, morally, socially and spiritually so that she will be able to fulfil her role in society.
CEIST values are reflected in the quality of relationships between all the school partners, and in every interaction between the school, parents, outside agencies and communities. (see Core Values of CEIST)


Class Groups Tutors Classes

In first year we try to ensure that students have as much stability as possible. As in Primary School, students will have a ‘base class group’ with whom they may have up to 75% of their classes. This provides an ideal opportunity for them to get to know each other. In first year students are assigned to mixed ability classes on the basis of their subject choices.


The Class Tutor

Each class has a Class Tutor – a teacher who will meet them each morning for the assembly period for 8 minutes. This constant contact means that new students have a person in the school with whom they have contact each day and to whom they can talk if there is any problem with which they need help.


The Year Head

Each year group has a Year Head Teacher who has overall responsibility for the year group. They deal with pastoral and behaviour issues in the year and have a great deal of contact with the students. We also have an attendance officer with special responsibility for attendance. If there is any difficulty with attendance or a student requires a prolonged absence from school – the attendance officer should be informed by note.
The Induction Day in August for First Years
First year students begin on their own in August. These days are an important orientation day for the students. It allows them a chance to get to know their school, classrooms, timetable and some of the teachers before the other year groups arrive back in school. iPads will also be deployed on these days.


The Meitheal Mentor Scheme

We have a student mentoring programme in Presentation Wexford where two students from fifth year meet with new first year students in small groups, at lunchtime, once a week for the first months of the year. It is an excellent opportunity for first year students to get to know some of the older students and to ask for their advice on issues. The small group structure of the meetings allows students to get to know other first years in a structured environment.


Misc Support Initiatives

A number of initiatives are organised by a volunteer groups.
These include a Breakfast Club, a Paired Reading and Support Maths programmes, Parenting Course, and individual subject support. Support initiatives are circulated through the students. Please contact the school number if you wish to join this voluntary group or avail of the supports.


The Student Support Team

Presentation Secondary School Wexford has a Student Support Team in place that deals with students whose need for support might exceed those of other students in the school. The Student Support Team comprises the Principal, Deputy Principal, the Guidance Counsellors, the Special Education Needs and Learning Support coordinators. The Student Support Team meets each week and reviews the needs of all the students who receive extra supports in the school.
The Student Support Team having reviewed the needs of the individual student may decide to link in with the student in school but may also decide to seek extra supports outside of the school.
Year Heads, Class Tutors and Subject Teachers may raise their concerns with regard to particular students and may refer students to the Student Support Team.
Members of the Student Support Team act as link people for different students who have individual needs. They check in with these individuals on a regular basis to monitor their needs and to ensure the appropriate supports are in place.


Academic Council

We encourage and support all students to strive to achieve their personal best. Achieving one’s personal best does not happen by chance – it requires commitment, focus, determination and hard work. We congratulate and acknowledge the ongoing successes and outstanding achievements of many of our students both past and present. However some students may lose focus at times and as a result do not reach their full potential. This can result in students having regrets later in their academic career.
Following consultation with Parents’ Council, Student Council and teachers, the Board of Management an Academic Council was set up. The main aim of this Council is to further encourage and promote the academic success of all students by supporting students, parents and teachers in monitoring student achievement. It also aims to support parents and teachers in challenging students to set academic targets and achieve results in keeping with their ability.
Academic Tracking and Change in Level procedures. The Academic Council has set up a system of active academic tracking to monitor academic performance and to support students to achieve grades in keeping with their abilities.


Reports & Parent’s Meetings

Reports on each student’s progress are uploaded to Vsware twice yearly. Formal meetings for parents of students in each year group are held annually. On these occasions parents and teachers can meet to discuss
the progress being made by the student or any other matter of mutual concern. Parents are encouraged to
come to these meetings as they allow us to build up the strong links between home and school which are
of benefit to the students.
If parents wish to discuss their daughter’s progress with a member of staff at any other time, they should
contact the school office to make an appointment with the appropriate member of staff.